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LowKal is a UK based company, which delivers low calorie snacks, foods and drinks straight to your door. You can browse foods on our website by diet type or food type, making a variety of fun foods available to you whilst you stay on track. LowKal aims to make guilt free snacking more accessible, delivering all our treats straight to your door. We've even created boxes that are filled for a girls night in, or a diet type, meaning you can enjoy special occasions whilst knowing the foods you are enjoying are good for you.

At first LowKal was created around supplying people with low calorie substitues, such as a chocolate bar worth 80 calories rather than one worth 230 calories. Now we are more than this, we serve snacks that fit into whichever diet you are following easily, so that you don't have to restrict yourself. We know that completely cutting something out of your diet can lead to binging and cravings, so we're helping make it easier to fit it in- so you have no FOMO.

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