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Hello & Welcome to BabyUniqueCorn

If it wasn’t for our children BabyUniqueCorn wouldn’t exist.

It all started with our kids.

We found it very challenging to buy good looking, practical toys designed to stand the test of time, thanks to their visual appeal, high quality and attention to detail. We were looking for something special to stimulate the imagination and to help our little people discover a whole new world. We decided to find an alternative to plastic toys of unknown origin.

We work with small family run businesses. Together we are on a mission to supply parents and their children with handmade in Europe, unique, best quality, ecological toys, furniture, decor and nursery accessories. For us, it’s all about products that are manufactured in a sustainable manner, and designed to last for generations. The products we offer are tested by our children and we swear by it!

“You can’t buy love but you can buy handmade and that’s kind of the same thing”

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